4 Small Businesses & 4 Secret Strategies For FIGHTING BACK Against Today’s Inflationary Recession — Could You Do These Things Too?

60% of Americans say they WAKE UP at night worrying about their finances.

Businesses that don’t FIGHT BACK against inflation now are going to take a critical hit in the crotch! That’s just the way it is… But these 4 small businesses are leading the way in FIGHTING BACK! Join them!

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Here are strategies I’ve run across that may help. So pay careful attention.

  1. In Georgia right now one local business found that A) they can buy natural gas from a company OTHER THAN the local “utility”. So B) they found a provider with a LOWER RATE than the utility and are locking in that rate for 12 months! This is to protect against drastic price increases come winter and gives them some rate predictability between now and next spring … SMART! Not every state has these options but about 14 do. Some for natural gas, some for electricity, some for both. These rates fluctuate all the time, but I alert my customers to favorable rate conditions they can take advantage of.
  2. NATIONWIDE small businesses taking credit cards for transactions (very few aren’t) are often finding their initial payment processing provider is overcharging them. It’s simple to CHECK and to CHANGE if you can get a better deal, but most small businesses are too busy making ends meet. One Texas small business though was able to save 42% on their credit card processing fees… enough to pay another overhead bill entirely!
  3. A local gym owner in Illinois was paying $1400 per month for health insurance with a gigantic deductible. Voluntary health sharing program are well known to save 50–70% over traditional health insurance (note: health sharing is NOT health insurance per se). This family saved $1000 per month … enough to cover the cash for all those deductibles! It took a PHONE CALL.
  4. A local restaurant owner in Tennessee was getting killed several ways… rising advertising costs PLUS the cost of the discounts the ads offered to attract buyers who then were “trained” not to pay full price! Solution? They DROPPED print ads, “group coupons”, and other broad discount strategies and focused on DIRECT MAIL to NEW MOVERS and Birthday Discounts for established customers. These targeted discounts trained new movers to become “regular customers” and strategically rewarded good customers!
Text 830–719–4463 to get a free Health Sharing quote and see if this works for you!

So how are YOU fighting back against this inflationary recession? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Also, text me at 830–719–4463 to see if any of these above solutions could be used in YOUR Small Business. Consultations are FREE! How much could YOU be saving?

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